Steroids Can Have A Very Negative Impact Just Ask Ryback


On the latest episode of With The Big Guy, former WWE talent Ryback discussed his prior steroid use and why the company is moving away from larger-than-life stars from the glory days.

But what may surprise some of the humanoids is that Ryback was allowed to undergo testosterone therapy treatment due to the number steroids did on his body BEFORE he entered the WWE.

“I had a very negative reaction to testosterone and different steroids where it shut me down tremendously. And when I say, ‘shut me down’, my natural testosterone did not come back or it was not back to what was perceived to be the normal limits, which is not uncommon, but everyone reacts differently.”

Ryback then praised the WWE Wellness Policy for keeping he, and other superstars alive.

We can debate for hours if this was another in a long list of talent that was misused and mismanaged, but let’s work the phones to see if we can get Ryback on a future episode of the False Finish Podcast.