History Was Made, But Didn’t Live Up To The Hype


History was made on Sunday night, as Sasha Banks and Charlotte clashed inside Hell In A Cell on WWE Network.  The problem was the match didn’t live up to the hype leading into the PPV.

Before the demonical cell was lowered to the ground, Charlotte hit Sasha with a sneak attack that led to a modified powerbomb on the Spanish announce table.  Sasha put on a good performance, and even had a neck brace attached, before climbing back into the ring and the match starting.

Even as both performers tried valiantly, the match never lived up to the hype.  A sloppy finish and no real hype as the match ended capped a so-so event.  One fan even was shown with his hands up in the air after Charlotte got the pin and recaptured the WWE Women’s Title.

Only time will tell if Charlotte is being positioned for a program against Bayley or if this was just the latest chapter in the ongoing feud with Sasha Banks.