Del Rio Offers His Two Cents On Paige


In the story that just won’t end, the former Alberto Del Rio weighed in yesterday on the status of current girlfriend Paige as an employee of the WWE.

According to ESPN’s Brian Campbell, Del Rio who now goes by Alberto “El Presidente” Rodriguez believes that Paige isn’t getting a fair shake from the brass in Stamford, CT.

“It’s just like she said in her statement this afternoon.  It’s just the same shit, different day my friend.”

-“El Presidente” Rodriguez

This is not the first time that there has been a lovers quarrel amongst WWE creative leadership and talent.  Some work it out, Rusev & Lana, while others hit the road for greener pastures, Cody and Brandi Rhodes.  I’d be shocked to ever see her step foot in a WWE ring again once Paige returns from her latest suspension.