Cena’s Time In The Ring Not Over Yet


It doesn’t look like John Cena is prepared to exit the squared circle – yet.  According to Briand Campbell of ESPN.com, the 15-time world champion isn’t ready to take on a part-time role in the company, even as more opportunities open up in Hollywood and beyond.

“I’ll answer it like this: Every single day that I don’t have an outside obligation, I will fulfill any commitment that I have to WWE,” Cena told ESPN.com. “And I will attach this quote with it that every outside obligation I have is to expand the brand of WWE and there has never been a superstar to say that before.”

But make no mistake, the 39-year old Cena has plenty of opportunities when he is ready to walk away from the business and take on a more Rock-like role.  From his role in Trainwreck, to being the voice of Ernie the Elephant, Cena can transition quickly.

There has also been speculation that Cena could be taking the seat of vacated by Michael Strahan next to Kelly Ripa.

The better question is what if any equity does Cena have in WWE?  This would make staying and growing the brand a lot more important than a typical wrestler who is just trying to float the bill at the Howard Johnson before check-out.